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At Apollo Screeds we take a huge amount of pride, care, and consideration for all of our client’s needs. Whether commercial or residential, the same meticulous preparation is taken to make sure you’re 100% happy with the end result. No job is too big, too small or too technical for us to achieve perfection.

We fully understand the full lifecycle each job and how important every team member is to reach high standards in this industry.

With over 19 years experience, we offer a wide range of products from liquid, concrete, latex and traditional screeds with accelerators for all your curing needs.

The team is all GNVQ level 2&3 rated along with SSSTS Supervisor Certificates and pump training.

All our insurance is up-to-date for Public and Product Liability.


Products and services

  • Commercial and domestic
  • Traditional screeds
  • Floor Screeding
  • Fibre reinforced screed
  • Quick-drying screeds
  • Heavy duty screeds
  • Self-levelling screeds
  • Floor layering
  • House extensions
  • Floor repairs
  • Conservatories
  • Building conversions
  • Building refurbishment
  • Plastering


Traditional screed is the original way of laying floors for years .The standard mix is a dry mix a lot of customers think that it’s going to be really wet like concrete .but to get flat surface with this product it needs to be a dry mix.
The standard sand and cement screed by British standards drying time is 1mm per day .fibers should always be used when doing and sand and cement screed.


Floor Screeding for me is the best form to get the best results in my opinion of 19 years in the trade . Floor screeders will use straight edges, levels , shovels laser levels and float and trowels or power floated if needed . These tools are essential to get a perfect floor.


Fibers are a replacement for chicken wire that is used to reinforce your sand and cement screeds .also to give a key for adhesive like tile adhesive so they grab together instead of being to separate entities.


Traditional screed when laid by British standards is 1mm per day but obviously, customers can not wait 75days for there screed to dry .especially when you have a deadline to meet so I use a wide range of products that can have your floor dry in 3/7/14/21or 28 days. The faster you would like your floor to be ready for floor coverings the more the cost is.


Heavy duty screeds are needed because your traditional screed s do not have a high Newton strength like a concrete floor or and industrial floor .but you can get products that can make your traditional screeds nearly as strong as concrete and as durable perfect for cost and time .


Sometimes you might have a floor where you only have 5mm to 15mm coverage this is far too low a minimum depth you could go with a traditional screed is 10mm bonded. So there are products that can be used to combat this like a self-levelling product or a latex depending on what the floor is going to be used for.


I have been in this trade for 19 years doing floors but just recently I have got plasterer’s on my books to offer a complete package from walls to floors thus bringing your cost down because using 1 company instead of 2 this is working really well because I have known them personally for 20 years.


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